About Us

ShoreBirdNetwork.org has been formed as a result of a need to provide an avenue of communication between shorebird specialists, wetlands managers and conservationists. Although there are many national and international organizations involved with birds and/or conservation there has been no easy way for people concerned about the future of shorebirds across the region to work together and discuss their concerns or findings.

We aim at promoting and assisting individuals and organizations to collaborate on shorebird conservation.

This will be achieved by:

  • The development of a network of people interested in shorebird study and conservation to support in shorebird related issues;
  • The establishment of links between conservation and bird-orientated groups;
  • Developing regional communications links via email websites and the production of a regular newsletter; and
  • Promoting regional meetings and workshops to focus attention on global and local issues.

The Network includes:

  • Shorebird/wetlands researchers;
  • Wetland managers (linked through Wetlands Link International – Asia, Wetlands International);
  • Conservation and study groups such as:
    • National and regional shorebird groups;
    • Wetlands International;
    • BirdLife International;
    • WWF;
    • International, regional and local bird groups;
  • Any interested individuals.